FEPMaya programs

FEPMaya's main objective is the professionalization of young Mayans with limited economic resources, mainly women, from rural areas and minority Mayan linguistic communities in the country. It also aims to rescue, promote and strengthen art, science, Mayan technology, etc.


FEPMaya focuses on contributing to the training of professionals of academic excellence with high levels of commitment in the socio-cultural contexts of the country's indigenous populations.

FEPMaya students attend conferences, seminars, English programs and Parallel Training workshops, which are taught at the Foundation's facilities, in order to give them a parallel training to that of the different universities in which they study. Fellows are trained to strengthen Mayan identity and knowledge, so in this space the Foundation gives importance to these areas of knowledge.



Fundación para Estudios y Profesionalización Maya

50 Ave. "C" 3-58, Col. Molino de Las Flores, Zona 2 de Mixco, Guatemala

+502 24353772
+502 24353967

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Quiénes pueden optar a las becas que otorga FEPMaya?

La convocatoria se apertura para cualquier solicitante que desee participar e ingresar su papelería, sin embargo, se les da prioridad a mujeres provenientes de comunidades lingüísticas minoritarias de las áreas rurales del país.




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