Requirements to apply for a scholarship


Maya-speaking women, belonging to the following linguistic communities: C´hol, Chuj, Q’anjob’al, Mam, Ixil, Pocomchi ’and Pocomam; or speakers of Lakandom, Itzá ’, Mopan, Uspanteko, Sipakapense, Sakapulteko. In the absence of these requests, requests from persons belonging to other linguistic communities will be considered. And only in very special cases will the requests of men who meet the other requirements be taken into account:


  • Have a good student record (average above 75 points)

  • Have the approved requirements for university enrollment (for first-time applicants).

  • Economic justification

  • Daily curriculum

  • Participate actively and proactively in the Foundation's Parallel Training activities.

  • Participate in the induction workshop for new fellows in November.

  • Be willing to be an active part of the FEPMaya network of ex-fellows.

  • Be willing to strengthen the FEPMaya research program, at the end of your career.

  • For tesistas; The research must be oriented to respond to the needs of the Mayan population.

  • No more than 30 years for thesis and undergraduate studies.

  • Fill out the application form and attach the following stationery:

    • Cover letter indicating objectives and expectations as a student and future Mayan professional.

    • Recent certification of the level of studies.

    • For thesis: certification of the approval of the research topic, thesis plan and reference letter of the thesis advisor.

    • Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes, one from a professor of the applicant and another from the community authority of the place to which he belongs (letters from relatives are not accepted).

    • Resume (curriculum vitae with recent photography)

    • Three personal references (written on a letter size sheet).


Applicants' leadership will be valued in any type of social, artistic, local development or community assistance activity.

For thesis the research oriented in the field of science, technology, productivity and local development will be valued. When obtaining the scholarship it is essential that they collaborate partially in the research program of the FEPMaya, as coordinators or research assistants and / or providing tutorials for FEPMaya students who have closed pensum and who are preparing for the writing of their thesis.



The call opens on May 1 and closes on September 30. The scholarship committee will review the applications and subsequently invite potential candidates for an interview in the first half of November. The final approval of the scholarship will be notified in the month of December.


Send your digital file to the, in the subject write “scholarship application”, then call to confirm receipt of the documents and, finally, you must wait for the confirmation of the date and time for the delivery of the physical file in the offices of the FEPMaya located at 50 avenue C 3-58 Colonia Molino de las Flores, zone 2 of Mixco, Guatemala.

For more information, call (502) 2435 3772 and (502) 2435 3967.




Fundación para Estudios y Profesionalización Maya

50 Ave. "C" 3-58, Col. Molino de Las Flores, Zona 2 de Mixco, Guatemala

+502 24353772
+502 24353967

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