Frequent questions

How can I contact FEPMaya to acquire more information about the scholarships and call 2020?

You can contact us through the following email, by Facebook or through the following telephone numbers: 2435-3772 / 2435-3967 we will gladly provide you with the requirements to submit for the 2020 call or answer your questions.

How can I get more information about the scholarships offered by FEPMaya?

By visiting our website, in the 2020 call tab you will find the information you need about the different types of scholarships offered by the Foundation for the year 2020.

Who can qualify for the scholarships granted by FEPMaya?

The call is open for any applicant who wishes to participate and enter their stationery, however, priority is given to women from minority language communities in rural areas of the country.

What are the careers and curriculum they support?

The disciplines that will be given priority are: Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Architecture and Engineering, Economics, Archeology, Communication, Politics, among others.

The careers of: Pedagogies, Psychology, Legal and Social Sciences or weekend plan are not supported. The curriculum of careers must be daily.

How old must applicants be to access these scholarships?

Students entering and starting university no older than 24 years.

Students who have already started university or are in their second or third year must not be older than 28 years.

For applicants of the Thesis scholarship they must not be older than 30 years.

What are the universities to which I can opt?

The choice of the university is at the discretion of the applicant, the careers of the various public and private universities of the country are supported or that are in the extinctions of Cobán, Alta Verapaz and Quetzaltenango.

Do you offer scholarships for weekend plans?

If a weekend plan space is opened, applicants are informed, however, priority is given to daily plan applications.

What is the difference between Refundable and Non-Refundable scholarships?

  • The Reimbursable D scholarship is opened for new applicants for the daily plan who begin their university career or are already studying.

  • The Reimbursable C scholarship is opened for thesis applicants who were not part of the group of fellows since the beginning of their career.

  • The B Assistance grant is a non-refundable scholarship for which new applicants can opt, if they have time available to support in some area of ​​the Foundation 25 hours a week.

  • Scholarships A and C Non-Refundable apply only to FEPMaya Fellows who have been part of the group of previous years

What are the call processes that I will have to comply with?

  • Write to the following email

  • Send us your scholarship application and support documents in digital format in the email mentioned above.

  • Introduce yourself to the FEPMaya facilities, the day and time you are instructed to deliver your documents in physical format.

  • Wait to be notified, if your request was accepted to participate in a previous interview at the beginning of November of 2020.

  • During the month of December be aware of your email as you will be notified if you benefited from the university scholarship for the year 2021.







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¿Quiénes pueden optar a las becas que otorga FEPMaya?

La convocatoria se apertura para cualquier solicitante que desee participar e ingresar su papelería, sin embargo, se les da prioridad a mujeres provenientes de comunidades lingüísticas minoritarias de las áreas rurales del país.




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